ANC Gauteng remembers Swanieville Massacre

12 May 2020

Whilst the country is observing level 4 of the National Lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, the African National Congress (ANC) Gauteng Province today remembers the victims and survivors of Swanieville massacre.

On 12 May 1991 about 1000 angry Kagiso Hostel dwellers attacked the residents of Swanieville informal settlement as revenge of the abduction of two of their own earlier that day. On that fateful night about 25 vehicles and 115 shacks were set alight and 27 people were killed, leaving scores of people injured. In the aftermath of this massacre, more than 90 people were arrested and charged with different crimes ranging from murder to arson. However, they were all acquitted due to insufficient evidence.

The ANC Gauteng remembers this fateful night and will from now onwards commemorate this day as part of the country's history. Allegations of police helping the attackers to get in and out of Swanieville, is a reminder of how determined the regime of terror in Pretoria was prepared to perpetuate the notion of black on black violence.

This country is from a very difficult and painful past and we are all duty bound to ensure that we do not forget this disastrous night of 12 May 1991 and all other massacres. It is believed that the number of people who were killed on that night could be more but had to be reduced so that it does not attract international outcry.

We can only appreciate the present if we acknowledge the past and 29 years of pain and trauma is still unbearable for the survivors and families of the victims.

Issued by the ANC Gauteng Provincial Secretary

Jacob Khawe

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