ANC National Spokesperson taking leave - Pule Mabe

11 December 2018

Today I wrote to the Secretary General of the ANC, cde Ace Magashule, requesting that I be allowed to take leave until such time that the internal processes of attending to an internal grievance brought against me on serious allegations of, amongst other things, Sexual Harassment, are completed.

I have taken this decision in order to ensure integrity and fairness in the said internal processes and to remove any possibility of any perceived interference in or influence of such processes. It is only fair and/or prudent that when we are faced with such serious allegations we put the interest of the organization first and allow ourselves to attend to matters of concern without constraining the integrity and standing of the movement.

I was raised by a Single Woman - my own GrandMother, who went an extra mile to provide for us. I have been nurtured from a very early age to understand what it means to preserve the rights of women.

I will never in my clear mind and conscious go out of my way to violate women.

Throughout my life as an activist I have come to appreciate the importance of coexisting with my own fellow cadres regardless of their social or sexual standing. I will be doing injustice on my part if I don't give these allegations the attention and respect they deserve.

Pule Mabe