ANC Refutes Sunday Times' misleading story

9 September 2018
The African National Congress rejects the Sunday Times' story (Exposed: Zuma plot to oust Cyril) as sensational hot-air.
The ANC will not dignify these blatant lies and fabrications with a detailed response. However, we would like to point out that we refute this shameless gossip. We also reject attempts to link our Secretary General, Cde Ace Magashule, to this alleged plot to oust the President of the ANC, Cde Cyril Ramaphosa. It is clear that this malicious gossip is calculated to cast aspersions on the integrity and commitment of our Secretary General to the unity and renewal project of the African National Congress.
Cde Ace Magashule, like all other leaders, is focused on the programme of uniting the organisation as mandated by the NASREC conference. Accordingly, Cde Ace and the entire leadership collective reject any attempts by agents opposed to the ANC to defocus them from the task of unity and renewal. The leadership collective regards the unity of the ANC as sacrosanct and will oppose any attempts to sow divisions within its ranks.
The ANC calls on its members and the public at large not to be misled by this factually baseless story.
We are disappointed that the Sunday Times, in a very irresponsible and dangerous manner, proceeded to publish this misleading story. We urge the Sunday Times to immediately retract this story which is nothing but incoherent political gossip that has the potential to undermine the unity of the movement.
The ANC supports freedom of the press but believes that such freedom should be exercised with care and responsibility.

Issued by the African National Congress