ANC Statement On State Capture Commission

10 September 2018

The African National Congress reiterates its support for the Zondo Commission and we are on record encouraging all South Africans to support the work of the commission. Those with information must come forward and state their views without fear or favour. This includes those who publish email communication alleging state capture and we urge them to present such evidence before the Commission.

It is our considered view that there is no better process, within our jurisprudence, to get to the bottom of state capture allegations than a Judicial Commission of Enquiry.

We urge all South Africans and political parties to respect the process and give it space to do its work without any undue influence and allow those who appear before it to state their views without fear or favour.

The Commission must be given space to undertake its work to investigate the state capture allegations. Neither the ANC, nor any other person can make conclusions on matters before the commission before it has concluded its work and made findings.

Those who feel aggrieved by the testimony led before the commission must follow due process as determined by Justice Zondo in order for them to present their own version of events.

The ANC is not on trial and any suggestion to that effect is at best mischievous and at worst opportunistic. If the ANC is implicated in any evidence led before the Commission, it will respond accordingly at the time such findings are made.

There is no basis for President Ramaphosa or any ANC leader to appear before the Commission merely on the basis that they are ANC leaders. The calls for the ANC President to appear before the Commission are nothing more than cheap political point-scoring and electioneering and we reject these with the contempt they deserve.

Issued by the African National Congress