ANC welcomes adoption of the Constitutional Review Committee Report

4 December 2018

The African National Congress (ANC) welcomes the historic adoption of the Adhoc Committee Report on the review of section 25 of the Constitution.

The committee recommended the amendment of section 25 to make it explicitly clear for the expropriation of land without compensation.

We convey our message of gratitude to the maltitudes of our people across the country who participated in the public consultation processes that made this historic occasion possible and all MPs and the National Assembly for a thorough job in considering the public inputs.

The section 25 review process was not a referendum but an input by our people on the legal, political and economic impact of the constitution. The ANC will now proceed to draft the amendment that will categorize the land that can be expropriated without compensation.

The current mixed forms of ownership will be retained for the state to own land for its use, the people will also receive free hold for their land(title deed), and communal land ownership.

In that way the mantra of land to the people would be fulfilled as a historic mission of the ANC as encapsulated in the Freedom Charter, ready to govern, Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) and other historical documents of the ANC.

Land redistribution to the people will facilitate the economic inclusion of the majority of our people..

Issued by the African National Congress


Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975