ANCWL statement on the Court judgement against Ms Dudu Myeni

29 May 2020

The African National Congress Women's League has noted with disappointment that Judge Ronel Tolmay has declared Ms Dudu Myeni a delinquent Director.

Whilst we respect the independence of the Courts, it is our view that Ms Myeni must consider appealing the judgment delivered by Judge Tolmay.The Supreme Court of Appeal might arrive to the different conclusion on this matter and overturn the judgement delivered by Judge Ronel Tolmay at the North Gauteng High Court.

It is not far fetched to suggest that some attacks directed to Ms Myeni eminates from the fact that during her tenure as SAA Board Chairperson, amongst others, she challenged the SAA for spending over R10 billion per annum on Jet fuel and the suppliers for the fuel were five white owned companies. The five white owned suppliers have been solely supplying SAA with jet fuel for around 85yrs now.

The stance of Ms Myeni against having black owned businesses only benefitting the 2% of about R24 billion of annual procurement did not sit well with defenders white supremacists and their ilks. Ms Myeni exposed the evergreen contracts signed in the 90's that entitled  retired and resigned white pilots from SAA to receive SAA benefits even after being employed by other airlines.

It is also common knowledge that in 1998 American consultant Coleman Andrews was appointed as CEO of SAA. Various reports indicates that during his two-and-a-half year tenure as the CEO he was paid  was paid out as much as R200 million tax free. Reportedly, during his tenure not less than 15 fully paid aircraft from the SAA fleet were sold by SAA. Ironically SAA immediately started leasing from their purchasers. In less than two years he appointed his own company, Bain and Company, as consultants that earned R209 million in consultants fees. In the same period, another R118 million was paid to nine other expatriates he had appointed to executive positions at SAA.

On the 9th of October 2019, Edward Nathan Sonneberg released a report which amongst others listed irregular payments of about R685 036 241 incurred by SAA. South Africans who are dedicated to the fight against fraud and corruption must unite and demand for Coleman Andrews, the 32 companies that benefitted from irregular payments and other beneficiaries of fraud and corruption in SAA to face the full might of the law.

The ANCWL stands in support of Ms Myeni against the judgment delivered by Judge Ronel Tolmay at the North Gauteng High Court.

Issued by: Meokgo a Matuba

ANCWL Secretary General


Toko Xasa
ANCWL Spokesperson